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Any abacus and mental arithmetic organization can apply the membership of WARF, for that have to submit an application form. The organization can own the membership only after the application is examined and approved by the Council Member. Different schools and organizations that are interested to start new abacus venture can also apply the membership of ...

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World Abacus Research Foundation

It is difficult to imagine counting without numbers, but there was a time when written numbers did not exist. The earliest counting device was the human hand and its fingers. Then, as larger quantities (larger than ten human-fingers could represent) were counted, various natural items like pebbles and twigs were used to help count. Merchants in those days not only needed a way to count goods they bought and sold, but also to calculate its costs. Until numbers were invented, counting devices were used to make everyday calculations. The abacus is one of many counting devices invented to help count large numbers.

An abacus is a manual aid to calculating that consists of beads or disks that can be moved up and down on a series of sticks or strings within a usually wooden frame. The abacus itself doesn't calculate; it's simply a device for helping a human being to calculate by remembering what has been counted. An abacus has beads that slide on rods. It can be used to count, add, subtract, multiply and more.

The most common abacus is split into two basic rows :

  • the top row for the "5"s, and
  • the bottom row for the "ones".

There are two beads in the top row, and five beads in the bottom one.